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Love Of Sex Made You Do What?



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Sex, Sex Sex what is it good for? Could sex be good for nothing? Could sex be that good that you will do what? Asked yourself what the love of sex made you do what? You are the only person that knows that answer. But can you enlighten everyone as to what you did for the love of sex.

People talk about sex all the time, until you asked them something specpic about what they did for sex? Then when that question is asked of them, they get all shook up and can’t answer a single question about what the love of sex made them do what?

If I interviewed you right now and asked you the question the love of sex made you do what? What would you answer? I know some of you need a little time to think about that for a moment and then there are others who probably can answer the question right now as we speak. So what is the answer? We need to know. Don’t be shy now, come on and give us the details we are all reading?

You hear people say all the time that sex is it good. Everyone has heard that saying. But if you asked them to explain, no one seems to have a very good answer as to why sex is so good. What is it that makes sex so good?

What emotions, or brain waves or hormones in our body that causes us to believe that sex is so good? Scientists have done studies about why sex is good and they believe that they have some answers to the question.

People talk about sex or make statements that I’m going to have a good time with her or with him in reference to sex. How do they know that they are going to have a good time engaging in sex? How do you know, before you get started into the act of having sex that this sex is going to be good?

I think that most people hope, wish or believe that they are going to have a great time engaging in sex. If that hope or wish or belief that sex is going to be good, turns out to be a real bummer, then there is going to be disappointment and sometimes anger with the opposite or same sex.

People like to brag about how great they were in having sex with the opposite sex or some people with the same sex. But sometimes when you speak or hear the other party tell the story you may get a total different story about how bad they were in having sex. But there are times the person that is doing the bragging is real good in engaging in sex as their partner will confirm.

Sex is it healthy? I know what the experts say about sex on one’s health. But I want to know what you think that sex engaging in sex on your health. I know most people may or may not have really thought about sex on their health.

Now asked yourself how do feel after you have engaged in sex after the engagement has ended? Was sex good or bad for you that time? Did sex change your health after a few days have gone by? Or was everything staying the same or status quo or did something change?

What about sex do people think about sex the majority of the time they are awake? Or do people wait until after work or school or whatever activity they are engage in, is first completed before they allow themselves to think about sex? Sex is so powerful that it controls the emotions and thoughts that some people will lie, cheat, steal and kill for the love of sex.

Why have sex, because it makes you feel good. There are so many other activities you can engage in to make you feel good if that is what you are looking for or want to experience. It does not have to be sex right? If you had to choose between sex and any other physical activity, which one would you chose? I know what you are thinking, I believe that they majority of people will chose sex.

You know sex is good and all of us need an outlet to relieve stress and to just feel good at some point in time. But remember not to confuse sex and love. These are two different emotions, but people seem to equate each the same. The love of sex made you do what?

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