Insurance, for what? Why do you have to have insurance? Insurance is a rip-off of the little guy, they are just taking your money. Is having insurance is a racket. Is having insurance a waste of your money and time. You state that the government made those laws, we should have insurance, the people did not make those laws. The government have all the money anyway, they know that you do not have any money to pay for insurance, because you barely have enough money to live on right now. Politician's writing, introducing bills, getting bills passed into laws, mandating that you should have insurance, to cover for your expenses, and or losses. Is that right, to mandate that you should have insurance coverage?

You believe that when, you file a claim, because of a incident or accident, the insurance companies, they try to find every reason not to pay, but they have been taking your money every month for years, when you did not file a claim. Do the insurance companies owe you for not filing claims against your policy, because you should have tons of money in your insurance account.

You also, believe that, when insurance companies decide to pay, they will either drop your coverage or raise your premiums even higher than you were paying before. So you are not going to get insurance, no way. You're not going to pay for insurance coverage, just to give to these big corporations to have more money. The insurance companies have all the money in the world, why do they want more of your money.

Over the years, you have probably heard people, family and friends, make these types of statements, about having insurance. Our society has evolved,from that only people who could afford, or the rich people should have insurance coverage, because this is what they supposed to have for their families. Now it is required that some types of insurance is a must for everyone, not just the rich or people who could afford insurance. The poor is included as well, that they need insurance coverage, to offset some expenses, and or losses sustained.

Our government is trying to have people, become a productive and responsible party of society, to pay as you go, not leave it up to others to pay for your mistakes, expenses or losses, for not having insurance, which could have help levitate financial losses. Now that the federal, state, and city governments are having financial problems, they want the citizens to be responsible for their own problems, no more free rides, people are having a hard time accepting this new paradigm shift, of having to pay some of the insurance coverage or costs or expenses.

Why insurance, it helps covers or protects you from financial damages, or losses, or off-setting expenses that without it, you could suffer major financial losses, the many things you take for granted could possible not occur. Here are some of the insurances you could need, some are required, others are individual choice, here are some items to consider:

  1. Property Insurance - if someone gets injured on your property - stolen property - damages to your property - Required
  2. Title Insurance - purchasing a home - making sure the deed or mortgage is free of iens - Required - unless you pay cash for your home
  3. Car Insurance - purchasing a car - renting a car - accidents to vehicle - Required
  4. Life Insurance - if one of your love one died - pays for burial or funeral costs
  5. Medical Insurance - hospitalization - having children - etc. etc.
  6. Dental Insurance - teeth - dental work on your mouth
  7. Vision Insurance - eyes or vision
  8. Renter Insurance - live in a apartment - suffer property damage - someone injured in your apartment - stolen property
  9. Flood Insurance - water damaging your property during a flood
  10. Earthquake Insurance- damages to your property in case of a earthquake
  11. Alternative Insurance - loss of employment - injured on job

  • Having insurance is a way for you to be a responsible citizen, and take care of your obligations, protect yourself for financial ruin, should family, friends or even strangers are hurt, on your property, in your home, or a rented venue, because of your negligence. So times it has nothing to do with you being negligent, you just want to be protected against losses. In lawsuit happy American, it could be a wise decision, to get insurance. Having insurance with thousands of other policy holders, helps spread the liability amongst others who have insurance, that's the reason why you pay your premiums, and deductibles.

  • Insurance is an added protection so you won't be held personally responsible financially, where people can sue you and attach all of your assets, home, car, money, job wages etc, etc. I know that there are many reasons that people, provide not to purchase any insurance, but if there is an accident or something stolen with your property, the costs could be extreme, then you will wish you made the investment in having insurance to coverage those possible losses.

  • If you should have questions or concerns, regarding insurance coverage's, speak to a professional, about those areas of insurance that you may be interested.

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