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The first car was built somewhere in the 1800's, that's what the historians say, the person name was Karl Benz, he was given credit as the first to build a modern car or automobile. But there is or has been, discussions that some others may have been the first to create a machine that had a combustible engine on wheels. Before Karl Benz's, there were different individuals who tried their hands at making a car with a combustible engine, some with some success, while others were not so successful in their endeavors at making a car on wheels with engines.

Why make a car, horses were doing just fine, being the mode of transportation. Why was there a need for the car. Horses days were numbered, because people were tired of the smell of horse manure, urine that littered the city streets. Not only was the smell of the horse manure, urine, was causing problems, for one they had no clue of how to dispose of all that horse manure. With tons of manure, the manure attracted many flies causing medical issues among the citizens. The flies would transfer disease to the people. The removal, cleaning the manure, and urine were also creating ecology issues, because they were dumping the manure into the rivers, and streams. So something had to change, about using horses as a method, or mode of transportation. The downfall of Horses was created by their own ability for eating, drinking and eliminating waste to survive.

Car was designed to make it easier, better way of transportation, to carry people, and do the work horses were doing. Also with the advent of the car, the elimination of horse manure, urine, disease, ecological issues that horse waste created, was coming to an end. But the car had its own problems, with the elimination of waste, which is the exhaust, in the early days, was dark black smoke. This smoke is toxic to the environment, was coming from the car, tail pipes. There were individuals that were, designing to make a car. The car was being made in different shapes, sizes, people were trying to become the first person to get a patent. The car was not being built in mass production, so you had a few being made here and there for wealthy individuals who could afford a car.

Later on in the late 1800's to early 1900's the car was being built, in a assembly line, but the costs to make a car was high. Henry Ford came along and he made vast improvements to the assembly line concept, those improvements reduced the costs to produce a car, making it affordable for the average buyer to purchase his vehicles. Henry Ford's system of building a car through a assembly line concept, made his car company the biggest manufacturer in the early 1900's.

Throughout the history of building cars, there has been vast improvements, in the way that a car is being built. Now we are in beginning stages, of making a electric car, many car manufacturers are making today. As we move forwarded into the future, designing a car, is improving once again, maybe one day, we may have a flying car, who knows the future, only time will tell, where we end up in manufacturing of a car.

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