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Lion Cats

Domestic cats can they be man's best friend, just like their counter part the dog. There are thousands of people, or what I should say, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are cat lovers and cats are their best friend. Cats are uniquely different, they are smaller in size and their anatomy is different from their shapes, teeth, ears and skeletal structure. Cats body structure is has many vertebrae making the cat sleek and agile than other large domestic animal. There is an issue that most cat lovers may or may not realize is that cats teeth are sharp to tear and rip meat, cats do not have molars to grind foods as other animals have. Beware of the types of foods you are giving to your cat because they might not be able to eat that type of food you purchase for them.

Cats can hear at different levels of frequencies and decibels that humans or other animals cannot detect with their ears. Cats like to climb and the reasons why cats climb is because of their instinct of being cats. Predators which cats are like to be in high places where they can have an advantage looking for foods and waiting for prey. Cats also use their claws to scratch and clean themselves, while leaving scent marks letting other felines and animals know that they were in the territory.

Cats purr for many different reasons when they are healthy, hurt, sick or hungry there are no specific reasons why cats purr, even the experts do not have any sound conclusions as to why they purr. When you become familiar with your cat and they purr at different times you may get a clue as to what this purring means for you and your cat. Life span for domestic cats different for cats living on the streets. Cats living in homes live about twice as long as those on the streets, because those living in houses are protected for outside elements such as; accident with cars, dogs, and other cats fighting for territory or mating rights with other cats.

Cats do many weird and funny things and one such thing that cats will do is that they will arch their backs as if they are getting ready to jump ten feet high into the air. The real reason that cats do this is because it's a defense stand when they are in a possible confrontation with other cats or animals. The arching of the back is that they are trying to make themselves look bigger and stronger than their possible opponent.

The best cat to breed, well I do not want to burst your bubble but I do not think there are any best breeding cats. Just like other animals cats have different temperaments and each cat should be chosen or pick for their diversity of spirit and attitudes that they display when you have had an opportunity to watch and observe the cats. Also you should choose a cat based upon what you and your family feel that it best for your situation and needs.

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