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In Brooklyn New York at a McDonald's Restaurant there were 5 to 7 teenage girls fighting and ganging up on one teenage girl. I do not know the circumstances surrounding the events that happen at that McDonald's that caused possibly 7 teenage girls to fight and jump on one teenager girl. But it seems to me that ratchet reality TV. has gone real life wild and our young people are acting out these scenes they see, believing that it is okay or cool to behave in this manner. Somehow reality TV has become all to all reality in real life. People acting as if there are no consequences to their bad behavior and the well fair of other individuals is not their concern.

These ratchet reality television shows has provide a outlet for people who are on the edge or who have pent up frustrations about issues in their personal life, giving them a justification to proceed with bad and terrible acts towards others. After viewing these types of reality shows of people acting badly, they think that society is ok with how these people behave. In these reality shows a fight or bad behavior is the highlight of the show. This is what they market to the audience to get people to tune into the show. When the bad event has occurred, the show producers do not highlight the consequences of those individuals actions who were involved as far as law enforcement is concerned. The show will just move forward to the next part of the show as if nothing has happen. Sometimes these reality shows may give a disclaimer that someone was kick off the show, something to that nature, but no real punishment like someone going to jail and court before the judge. To the people watching the show they get this false concept that there is no punishment or consequences for their action in real life, believing that everything will be ok, because they watched what happen on reality television and nothing happen.

The other problem with the McDonald's teenagers fighting, there were a lot of people who were there watching the fight. Some were teenagers and other adults, just watched as these teenage girls ganged up upon one little girl. Some people took the time to record the fight with their smart phones. Did not use the telephone to call the police, others stood around watching and then there were some who were on top of the tables to get a firsthand look at the fight. No one would help or even try to stop this from happening. People recording the event so that they can be the first to upload this, bad behavior on the internet, so that they can get views or hits from the traffic it might generate. People were not recording the fight, because they wanted to help law enforcement identify the perpetrators who committed this cowardly.

This type of ratchet reality television has gone real life bad all too often, people getting murdered, raped, robbed and beaten up. Our society is paying a heavy price for allowing these shows to perpetrate this kind of fake reality on us. As a result, when people act out these shows in real true life, some of our fellow Americans are suffering physically, emotionally and mentally in terms of the damage done to their psychological stability.

As humans where is your decency and compassion to help someone who is being pummeled in front of a few dozen people or I should say witnesses. Your gut or inners should have been crying out and saying this is wrong, we cannot allow these girls to gang up upon this one girl. This is just wrong, wrong and wrong.

May be one day and I hope very soon before it's too late, that our society wakes up from slumber, that money is everything, and that putting on these ratchet reality television shows that inspire our adults and youths that bad behavior is to be honored and rewarded, is not a good thing for our society.

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