Women say that they want to be treated like men in the work force, and they want humanity to treat them as such. Women complain that they should have equal rights and should be paid like men in the work force. Women say that they do the same type of work as men and should be paid at the same rate of pay as men. Women say that they do not want to be look at as sex objects, and the reason why is because they claim that they have the same brains and brawn as men.

I believe it was two or three weeks ago I was watching the Lisa Li show about "sugar daddies" women looking for men to take care of them financially. These women or ladies would dress up in evening ware or what made them more attractive that night, go out to these sugar daddy parties, where men with lots of money would choose one of the ladies at the party for the night or if the women is lucky have some type of longer relationship with these men. Some of these men were single and a lot of them were married men. Also many of the women had different backgrounds as well, some had college degrees, some in college, some just looking for financial help to pay bills, rent and other looking to just have fun. These women said that they are going to use what their mother's gave them, a vagina, boobs and or a big ass to get what they want or need at that given moment.

All of these women had one thing in common and that is that they were willing to use their bodies for money. Isn't it just what prostitutes do is that they sell their bodies for sex and people frown up that type of vice. But prostitutes are more honesty in that they let you know that this is their business, you pay and you leave no ties with the other party. But these other women who are out there selling their bodies for money are giving women a bad reputation and it's hard for some men to take them seriously. I do not want to use a too broad of a paint brush and paint all women, but there are a lot of women who part take in this behavior.

If you do not believe me just look around the internet and all you see is young, mid-age and or older women taking pictures of themselves in all sorts of tight fitting clothes or very small bikini's showing all of their assets for the world to see. Women say that they want to be treated equally as men, but when men see these types of photos of women, men are conflicted mentally, emotionally and physically as to what to think women really want. Young and older men have be taught all their lives that they are the protectors and have to take care and look out for the welfare of their mothers, sisters and wives, because men believe that women are the weaker person.

Men have conversations all the time as to what they think women really want or need. Men would surmise that on one side of the coin women say that they want to be treated and paid like men for the same work, while on the other side of the coin, men believe that women want men to look at them as a lesser equal as far as physically, sexually and some emotionally. Men are confused, and confusion becomes frustrations, because men believe women are not taking themselves seriously, so why should men treat women as equals.

I'm going to digress and little here and try to tell you this joke I heard some years ago I do not know the name of it, but when I tell you some of you may have or and others may have not heard before, so here is a good college try:

Attempted joke; "There was this little girl and boy who were friends and they would play this game that they had something that the other did not have or could not get. They would go back and forth until the other could not name something that the other could not get or did not have. So one day while they were playing this game the little boy told the little girl that he had a penis and she did not have one.

The little girl looked down and sure enough she notice that she did not have a penis. So the little girl ran home crying to her mother and her mother being concern, wanted to know what did the little boy do to her. The little girl told her mother that the boy took out his penis and showed it to her and told her that she did not have a penis. The little girl was just crying her little heart out, because she did not have a penis. The girl's mother told her the next time you see that little boy, you tell him that your mother said that as long as she have one of these as she was pointing to her vagina, that she could hundreds of those penises any day."

As I tried to make a point with the joke, that boys, girls, men and women we are different, physically, mentally, and emotionally, can there and should there be equal pay for the same work, I believe so, but because of the physical differences there are men who will continue to say no. Maybe in time or in the future when men and women start behaving better towards each other. Maybe when our society starts believing men and women are equal, then equal pay for work equal will happen. Until then this notion of equal pay will continue to be a pipe dream.


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