Violence we hear about it every day of the week. It's like violence is a 365 day event, does violence ever end. Ever since Cain killed his own brother Abel in biblical times, violence has grown at an alarming rate. The lord said, people minds are on evil (violence) way too much, that's why he used the flood, during Noah's times to clean the earth. What do we have to do to get rid of violence from our society. Why does it seems as if violence is escalating to new levels. It does not matter what community you are from, people committing violence seems to follows.

No matter if you are rich or poor, violence is touching us all in some way or fashion. There is too much violence in America our own country, too much violence in other countries. Every day on the news reports of violence, is the headlines from the beginning of the telecast. Were we born a violent people from birth, did we exit our mother's womb and start, robbing, killing, stealing, raping, committing every violent crime under the sun. Even our protectors are being more violent, than they were in times past. What do we do to reign in this violent behavior, that we as a nation are displaying daily against one another. We have wars and rumors of wars, fights and rumors of fights, but there are killing, stabbing, murders, raping, robberies, domestic violence, and other violent crimes, these are not rumors, they are actual happenings daily.

Violence is an evil act against others causing harm, danger or killing someone, breaking the law of the land regarding violent behavior upon others.

Why do people commit violent acts upon others? Is because they feel like they have no way out of their particular situation, so they act out in a negative way or violent way to get attention. Experts have been repeating what the lord said many, many, many years ago, that people are just evil and violent. It's as if the experts have finally admitted that people are violent, and this is just the way it is going to be, we are a violent nation.

Violence is everywhere, our homes, schools, work environment, sports, television shows, movie theatres,in our relationships with one another and in our society. Are we just pretending to like each other, so that we won't knock the other person in the head. What is keeping everyone from being totally out of control, and committing more violence on each other or on our society.

What's keeping individuals from totally being out of control and committing more violence, is self worth, the law, and the punishment that brings when you commit violence, is not the panacea, but it does help to prevent some violence.

What if all of us had nothing to do, no work to keep our minds occupied with something constructed to do. What would happen if everyone just lay around wherever you live, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, would your mind be on evil, violence, how to take advantage of other people. Think about it for a moment, if you had nothing to do, what would you be doing. Experts have admitted that as humans we are evil and murderous toward one another. They already have given you a way out, to committing violent behavior.

Work has prevented more violence, because work has had our minds preoccupied with something else to do, and not meditate on violence. Experts also believes that violence is done on impulse, sometimes people allow alcohol or drugs to influence violent behavior. Other times people have psychological issues, then other times people just plain in simple just hate, want to get revenge or just get payback, because of something that happen to them.

Violence can erupted from any issues or circumstances, whether it is big or small, if people believe that they are helpless, or have been taking advantage of, or they feel trapped and think that there is no way out of their predicament. They will strike back at authority or at people who they feel that are doing better than they are. People who have feelings of helplessness, and believe that they have no way out, believe that people of authority are picking them out of the crowd messing with them for no reason. They also believe that people who are getting ahead in life, living above the scrum are rubbing their nose in their successes. These hapless or helpless feelings will build up and develop into feelings of violence towards people of authority or people who are doing or living well.

I do not condone violence, or violent behavior of or from anyone, looking at the situation in Baltimore, where these individuals are protesting the death of a man at the hands of authority. People are feeling hapless and helplessness, because these unnecessary deaths situations are happening way too frequent in cities all across America today. They are crying out for help, some are taking advantage of the situations, to loot, steal, and rob stores, that is not what is needed. What is needed is a good debate, as to why are these situations are happening too frequent in the first place. Then there could be solutions, put in place to prevent unnecessary deaths from occurring.


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