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I Want Information Now articles, pictures, books, videos, sports, music, electronics, beauty, shoes, jewelry, apparel, vacation, travel, computers, and entertainment.

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In a society that is based on greedy, money, sex and control. There are people who would do anything to attain what they want, and some have, they believe that they should be out there for self, getting what they want, by any means necessary. Is getting what you want by any means necessary, such as lying, stealing, killing and cheating the correct or right way to attain anything in life. Ethics, were are your ethics, do ethics really matter to you, when you are interacting with people, at work or at play, are you trust worthy in your activities toward Others. People hear the word ethics all the time, but do they really understand what ethics is all about. At job interviews, companies want to know do you have ethics, before they will hire you for employment. Hiring managers what to know, can you be trusted, ethics is something that is instilled in your character as a person. What is ethics? What is your ethics, everyone has some type of ethics and some define ethics entirely differently than others.

Ethics is a moral attitude of what is good and bad behavior. Good and bad behavior is very important, that goes to the heart of your being. What is your character as a person, do you respect or do you disrespect societies way of life, as to how things work in the world. Or do you try and make up your own values, as to what is good and bad behavior. Every day you wake in life there are many opportunities that a ethical decision can and will be made. When you come into contact with others, at home, work, play and many social gatherings. Ethical opportunities encompass the very small, to the big and important situations, that you may become involved.

Ethics as stated early is about your moral attitude of good and bad behavior, and what does that really mean in everyday life. Ethics has to do with how you would react to a situation you may become involved in, such as would you take a pen from work, that is not yours, the company you work for purchased that pen, it belongs to the company. I know that this is something very small, such as a pen, but ethics encompass those activities and behaviors. That very small pen costs the company money and when it is remove from their premises, they have to replace the pen. For you to do your work you need writing instruments, so the company will have to spend more money on those pens in large amounts and the costs could be exorbitant in supplies if they have to keep replacing pens. Are you trust worthy, to be counted on to do the right thing.

When you are placed in a position of power or authority, can you be ethical in your interactions with others, who may work for you. Would you favor one employee over another because they are better looking, dress better, or because a employee may have done favors for you. Would you give an unfair advantage to someone, because of those favors, or just because you know them personally. Ethics has to do with honesty, will you keep your word and do what you say or would you not keep your word and betray a confidant of their secret. If a confidant asked you to keep a secret and you stated that you would keep their secret. Once you were informed of your friend's secret, you turn to another friend and told them, the secret, that you stated that you would keep secret. Would this be ethical?

Ethics encompass everything you do in life, so when you are outside of your home, interacting with others, all ways keep good ethics at the forefront of your mind, as to how you would treat others and hopefully others will return good ethical treatment to you as well. Also remember that ethics goes both ways good and bad moral behavior or character.

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