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I Want Information Now articles, pictures, books, videos, sports, music, electronics, beauty, shoes, jewelry, apparel, vacation, travel, computers, and entertainment.

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There are hundreds or thousands of charitable organizations that do charity work and these organizations need help in doing that work, they believe that they are commissioned to complete this work. The majority of the time these organizations are working on a shoe string budget, short of staff to do the many things necessary, to be effected in completing the many tasked that makes an organization run on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. Sometimes it is necessary or urgent that these charitable organizations reach out and asked the general public for help to provide, whatever services they are performing. These organizations need your time, if you have time to spare, also if you have some type of specialize skills you can perform, others times they need your financial support, so that they can purchase the necessary materials or items, to get services to the people that they are trying to serve. You can donate time or donate financially and be of service to these organizations.

Why donations are helpful, well there are people or individuals in our society, that are in need of certain services, some people need specialize services that these charitable organizations locate. These people need our help, others are just less fortunate, so the charitable organizations give them, all the help that is humanly possible, with the recourses that they have.

Some of these services, that are being provided, by these charitable organizations, probably should be provided by our federal, state, or city governments. Sometimes these government entities, state that they are not aware of a need for such services. Others times the governments, state that they do not have the financial funding to fund these services that are needed, from these individuals, so they leave it on the shoulders of the public, to provide financial or time commitments with charities to help these people.

There are other reason why you should donate, which are;

  1. Donate - give back to your community of what you earn - money or time
  2. Donate - Tithes to your church or any church 10% - of what you earned - churches - preaching to gospel - doing the lord's work - locally - around the world.
  3. Donate - to charities - help needed families - individuals who are less fortunate - who are in need
  4. Donate - if the spirit hits or moves you - if you feel compelled then donate
  5. Donate - sense of feeling good about yourself for helping - your inner soul
  6. Donate - for no reason all - just because you felt you wanted to donate - you have something you can teach others
  7. Donate - tax deductible - write offs on taxes

There are many charitable organizations in need of your help either financial or your spare time, check to see what charities, you may want to contribute if you can.

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