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A athlete versus a participant after seeing some of the NBA's basketball playoff games over the past couple of months I hope you are beginning to see the differences between an athlete versus a participant. The athlete will be the one who will be the standout from amongst the others playing the same game. The athlete does not need to make any announcements of who they are you could see it their performances. All teams sports need participants, but when people come to watch a game they want to see some outstanding plays and these outstanding plays you get the majority of the time is from the athlete. Athletes make watching sports truly exciting.

How do you become an athlete versus a participant. Becoming an athlete versus a participant is hard to determine because no one is born with the title I'm an athlete and I'm a participant. Everyone is born with the same qualities such as two legs, two arms, two eyes, one head, one brain and one body. But somewhere along in the development of transforming from babies to teens the transformation has begun of becoming an athlete and a participant.

Most parents want their kids to participate in some type of organize sports activity because it can help a kid foster togetherness, friendships and since of pride of knowing that your kid at less can compete and play with others of their same age. When your kid plays in these organize sporting events you will have a better opportunity to determine if your kid is developing into an athlete or a participant. Athletes and participants have to coexist together in teams sports if you want to succeed in becoming better at their craft or becoming champions. An athlete can standout on their own in team sports, but if they want to truly succeed in team sports they will need the help of participants.

Also there are sports that you have to succeed on your own such as tennis and boxing and with these two sports there are no in between. You are either an athlete or a participant and they are clearly seem in the results. Athletes win championships and participants are runners up and never become a champion. Can people sometimes transform their games and become athletes, and the answer to that is yes. You can transform yourself into becoming an athlete with dedication and a lot of hard work.

To become an real athlete you have to have the desire and commitment to want to succeed and be better than anyone else and that takes sacrifice. Many times sacrificing many things others take for granted such as a lot of family outings, get-togethers with friends and building relationships. The one thing I know about life is that years go flying by and you cannot turn back the hands of time. Memories come and go just as quickly.

If you want to become an athlete and be great then you better count the cost and most of the time that cost is very high price to pay. Also being a great athlete the risk vs. reward there is a trade off. People will remember you as a great athlete in your given profession and give you all the praises and accolades you deserve. Then on the other end of the spectrum you may miss out on family time that you cannot get back, because some things only happens once in a life time and you cannot go back and recreate those special events.

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