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Sports are the activity of competition, it could be between two individuals or teams that compete against the other. These sporting events, you need athletes or a athlete who participate in these sporting events or competitions. There are many people who are and will become participants in these sporting events, but there are only a few athletes, who truly have the necessary skills, they are the ones who should be called an athlete. Most parent around the world want their kid, to participate in the some sporting event, but no one knows who are the athletes, until the game begins, then and only then you can determine who is the true athlete. The true and best athlete's skills, will always rise above all others, without that individual doing anything out of the ordinary.

An athlete is someone who is really skilled at what to do, they will be heads above other individuals in a competition, exercise or contest. When you attend an event, you go because you want to enjoy the very best at their given craft, to put on the greatest show, that's why you came to the show to see that special performance. You don't buy tickets to see participants, or sidekicks, who will give you the best of their ability that they have, but the best of their ability, will be less than a thrilling show. You paid your hard earn money, because you wanted to see the athlete, the star, the show stopper, the main event athlete or player. This is why you pay top dollar to be truly entertained. Athlete also is someone who has a god given ability to perform at levels that most of us do not witness on a daily basis, that's what makes it an event to see.

Example: I know that the majority of people would love for Floyd Mayweather to lose a fight, because he boast of his god given ability to win prize fights. Sometimes their comes along someone who just knows why they were put on this earth, and they find that calling. Floyd seems to be one of those individuals, he found his calling to fight. He is someone that you can call a true athlete. Floyd has fought 47 participants with no losses.

Participants, sidekicks they have something to offer to the event, they add intrigue or suspense, or color, and a certain amount of skill. When you go to an event, you are looking for the top athlete, show stopper, or main event player, because you feel that there is something special going to happen, because they are in the event.

Have you ever been in an contest, exercise or event, your talent far exceeded others, that you were competing against, you were told to not score any more points against the opponents', because it will damage the other teams self-esteem. This is the kind of things that happen, when you are in amateur sporting competition, they want you to feel sorry, for your opponents lack of ability, because you are an athlete, your opponents were participants. What about the athlete's feelings, are they not damaged as well, because they could not perform, to the top of their ability, or show stopper status.

In professional sports, whether it is; football, basketball, baseball, hockey, swimming, soccer or others sports I have not named, when a professional team draft someone, they want and will draft the best athlete, not the best participant, because there are major differences, between an athlete and participant. Professional organizations' know what an athlete can mean for their organizations, in terms of drawing more money, fans, advertising dollars. This why an athlete is so much better than an participant.

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