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You were walking down the street minding your business, checking your iphone for messages and as you looked up, there is this other person coming towards you texting or checking their iphone and you bump into each other, both of you were apologetic to a fault, because both of you were not paying attention to where you were walking. While both of you were being apologetic towards one another, one of you began to introduce yourself to the other providing your name and exchanging names and you began to work up a conversation asking how each other's day was going. You walked for a few minutes making small talk about this and that, nothing serious and then all of a sudden one of you built up enough courage to ask the other for their telephone number. Well maybe not exchange telephone numbers, you probably more than likely exchanged email addresses so that you can text one another. Talking on the telephone seems to be a taboo in this day and age, because in the 21st century no one wants to speak on the telephone, it is all about texting one another. You worked up a friendship through texting each other and finally set a day for a date.

Dating has gone well for the past few months,the two of you believed that you have so much in common, about things you both like and dislike. Everything is working out perfectly and you both are falling in love with each other. The marriage proposal was accepted and the day for the wedding was set so that you can finally live together with each other in holy matrimony forever, until death do you part. The wedding finally arrived and you both exchanged wedding vows, to live together in sickness, and in health, being rich or being poor, until death do you part, and you both agreed and said I do. Everything was perfect,that day of your wedding and then you begin to live with one another.

Most people who lived alone, by themselves for a period of time and only had to care for themselves, do not know or understand how difficult it is going to be to share with someone else. When you were alone, you cared for self and did not have to worry that you have to provide for or save half of the cake or dinner for the other person in your life now. So when you forget those things which maybe small or trivial to you, but for your partner, these little things could be major issues, because your wife or husbands or significant other, feel that you are looking out for yourself and not the well being of the relationship. These things keep happening over a long period of time and led many couples to divorce. Divorce is easy, but staying together is difficult at times when we do not give of ourselves, if you have this me,me attitude and not respecting your partners feelings.

Divorce is easy, you can walk away and start doing something totally different, but working to stay together, because you believe in your wedding vows,in sickness or in health or for richer or poorer and until death do you part. In marriage you have to make a commitment to the relationship and to yourself that you will stick it out, when things are not going well for you personally, but your sacrifice at times is good for the relationship or family. In marriage you do not always get what you want, it's a give and take deal. But doing this giving and taking, you both continue to grow in love towards one another, fulfilling or growing towards oneness, to be in harmony with each other as every marriage should be seeking and working towards.

Now working together trying to make your relationship work, is what always marriages and relationship are all about. There will be ups and downs, just as it is in anything that you are working on, but on the other hand if someone is not trying or hitting you or verbally abusing you, I am not saying to stay in type of relationship. Everyone wants to be loved, but to be abused is not what life is about. You have a right, to end that relationship as soon as possible and seek help with no shame on your part. As I tell my sisters and brother, I cannot tell you when to leave your relationship, you have to come to that decision to know when you had enough abuse. But then there are times that some people feel so depended on the other that someone does need to step in and help them make that decision to leave and file for divorce.

I hope everyone's relationship is for love and that they can remain committed to the marriage, in sickness, in health, for richer or poorer, until death due you part.

Good Luck.

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