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I Want Information Now articles, pictures, books, videos, sports, music, electronics, beauty, shoes, jewelry, apparel, vacation, travel, computers, and entertainment.

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From the very first day you were born your parents had an desire that their children should all attend college and complete the require courses and graduate and attain a college degree. That was the plan and goal for the majority of children being born into this world. Get a college degree and do great things in this world. If not doing great things with a college degree you will have a better opportunity to make and earn a better living than those individuals who will not attend college and just have a high school diploma.

College degree to most people was and is the way out of poverty or a substandard living. A college degree was a plan to get ahead and get better than average employment. You would be proud of your accomplishment that you earn and attained your college degree. Is a college degree worth all the heart ache and money spent.

High tuition costs, books and course fees, now more states are not providing grants to help offset making college affordable. Now if you want to attend college you have to go into huge debt getting student loans and their skyrocketing interest rates putting you into debt for many many years after you have graduated from college. Is getting a college degree worth it anymore.

There are colleges and or universities charging tuition fees per semester or quarter in the range $30,000 to $50,000 dollars a semester depending on what subject matter you are studying. There is a thought process that if you get settled with student loans of over $100,000 dollars or more you better be getting your degree in a high paying field such as a doctor or lawyer. Because if you get your degree in something other than these two types of fields it may not be worth the cost. The reasons why is that you may not find the type of employment to make the money needed to help you repay the debt.

College degree is a degree and or an award that will be giving to you the student after you have completed all of your undergraduate studies. Attaining a college degree does not guarantee that you will get better opportunities than others who are vying for the same positions or jobs. That being said there are jobs or positions from different companies that require you to have a college degree. So having a college degree as to not having a college degree may provide you with more opportunities. Also some companies will pay you more money because you do have a college

To have or not to have a college degree is the question. For many who do not have a college degree you will have to determine for yourself if is better to live with or without that college degree. To each and every one that has a college degree, congratulation upon your achievement, because attaining a college degree was not easy.

To those who are thinking of going to college or an university to attain your college degree, look around and do your research as to which college or university that fits your educational needs and or requirements. Because after all it will be your money, so make sure you get the best return for your money.


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