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Clothing injunctions or straight out banning of individuals rights to wear certain clothes, because some people believe certain clothes will cause an increase in crime. Alright I know that we all want to keep violence down to a basic minimum and hopefully one day we can stamp out or bring violence down altogether at some point in present and or near future to a manageable level. There are many laws that are already on the books to help us fight criminal violence, and for whatever reason we will not use or implement these good laws to our on determent. These laws that are already on the books can surely be of help if we just enforce them, they can bring violence down to a controllable or manageable level. Why is it that we want to spend more money on trying to get new laws, our legislators already take months and or years to get something implemented. The process to get anything passed has become a over whelming burden as it is, because of all the debating between republicans, democrats, ACLU lawyers and lawyers that private citizens as attain who will file papers to get these laws from ever coming into practice.

Someone who wants to control what people wear came up with this bright idea to partition a new law to prohibit or ban private citizens on how, and what clothing styles that they and their children could be wearing out in public areas. Their belief is that the government or cities and their councils can control the clothing styles of ordinary individuals and this may lead to less crime somehow amongst the citizens. I know that there are some hard core gang members who can and will kill or take someone's life because of the clothing colors or styles that people are wearing at any giving moment. I think and believe that it's not the majority of the citizens that are living in the real world out there believing and thinking that clothing styles are causing people to commit crime. It is a very small percentage of individuals that are out there committing these violence crimes, so do we need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of the tax payers' on a worthless cause. Tax payers' money should be allocated for public projects that are truly worth spending these tax dollars on, like repairs for cities streets, lights, roads, neighborhoods, schools, books and the education systems.

The money use for repair the items mention above will give the cities its biggest return on investment and also help with reducing criminal violence and educating the citizens of the city, or state will definitely help reduce crime now and in the future. Putting money back into the city's coffers will helps create jobs and jobs creates an atmosphere of individual pride for oneself and that creates or gives people an stake into their cities and then they will become involved in reducing crime for the betterment of their families, friends and communities as a whole. Banning clothing style and having injunctions so that individuals freedoms of expression are reduced, this only will bring out the worse in people and they will start to rebel even more.

Some laws that are leaders have introduce as a bill really have no place at being brought before the floor of the members for debate at all. Then there are some laws that are out there in the community that should have never been introduce and voted to become laws, while there are other laws that should have been reversed many years ago, and these are the types of laws that have our police departments overly stretch and tying to enforce. Our police force should be focusing on more serious and bigger criminal violence and not wasting tax payers'dollars on trivial matters such as baggie clothing's styles which is an individual's preference. The legislatures should focus on things that are already on the law books that help fight and reduce criminal violence. Spend any new monies on projects that will help build up or help the citizens to make them feel like they are worth something and then criminal violence will begin to decrease, because people will feel pride in their cities, homes and places of business.

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