How to Become a Teacher should be a great a rewarding career endeavor to pursue because teachers are or were respected and looked up to by their students and the general public at large. The majority of Americans and other parts of the world were taught by a teacher and it did not matter what country you were born in you had an interaction with someone called or being the teacher. The teacher could have been your parent or someone else who was put in authority as the person in charge at they were the teacher.

No person learns knowledge by osmosis just sitting there and letting information cross your membranes and there you go, you gain or learned knowledge about a study subject matter. Acquiring information does not work that way. Someone has taught you somewhere in your life. Everyone has been taught by some person.

Where did you first learn to gain knowledge was probably from your parents and then you move on learning from your preschool teachers, elementary teachers, Jr. high teachers, high school teachers and then if you continue to college and further graduate school.

Has sentiment change as to how we feel about teachers? Or is it that we have not enough people wanting to become teachers because teaching is not en vogue anymore? Why has teaching fell from being an esteemed professional? Is it because teaching does not pay a great deal of money? Chasing the almighty dollar has struck again struck down the teaching profession. I believe that if you are getting into teaching because of the money, then teaching may not be the profession for you. Teaching does not pay great amounts of money, but you can make a living. Teaching has to be something coming from your heart because teaching is hard work.

To become a teacher you have to complete your elementary educations from preschool through to high-school. After high-school you must attain a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college.

How to Become a Teacher Minimum requirements California:

  • 1. Bachelors degree accredited university or college
  • 2. Teachers preparation program
  • 3. Basic teaching skills
  • 4. Competency Knowledge of the subject matter wanting to teach

In California, if you want to attain or get multiple teaching credentials to teach more subjects then you have a few more requirements to attain.

  • 1. Take a developing English language skills course
  • 2. Take U.S. Constitutions course
  • 3. Take RICA( Reading Instructions Competency Assessments) test

If you want to attain a single teaching credential you have to take;

  • 1. Take a developing English language skills course
  • 2. Take a U.S. Constitutions course

Now if you want to teach special education students then you need additional credentials such as;

  • 1. Take the RICA (Reading Instructions Competency Assessment) test
  • 2. Attain or receive an offer of employment from any California School.

Teaching is a great profession it takes patience, energy and most of all I believe life experiences to pass on knowledge and critical thinking to our most precious minds which are our kids and their futures.


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