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You look in the sky and you see birds flying free going every which a way, as if they have no agenda or appointments to keep, no care in the world. Birds flyingl alover the place, have you ever wondered, where did these birds come from or where are they going? How do birds get their food to eat? Do they have working birds? Birds come and go whenever and or where ever or do they. In the bird family, are they birds out there trying to fight or kill other birds. What does it means to be free as a bird. There are so many species of birds, big, medium, and small birds why so many species of birds.

Also have you ever wondered while you were looking at birds flying, what it would be like if you were a bird. What kind of bird would you be, there are so many different species of birds. You could be free to fly all over the country, just being free as a bird. Are birds truly free to go where they want to go with no problems. Let's try and answer some of these questions, about birds.

Birds are wing feathered creatures of any class of Aves with vertebrate, and warm-blooded. Birds have legs or forelimbs which have scales. Birds have many different feet structures, their feet structure depends on what type of birds species they are. Some have claws, long toes, web feet or toes, these feet or toes are used for many different purpose as well. Such as climbing, holding, killing and perching on tree limbs. Birds have two wings, which are covered with feathers. Mostly these wings are used to fly fast, slow, soar, or glide, birds have to these different wings to correspond to what type of birds they are. Birds have beaks and their beaks come in different shapes and sizes as well. Their beaks are used to eat, birds do not have teeth, like you or I, from a bird's beak, a bird can be identify as to what type of bird they are.

Birds origin there seems to be some debate as to the origin of birds. Creationists, and Evolutionists differ in their theories as to how birds evolved or were created. Evolutionists believe that birds evolved from dinosaurs, then transition into our wing feather friends along the way. Creationists say that birds and dinosaurs evolved along the same path, but were two different species all together. Also birds may have existed before dinosaurs. Evolutionist state that one thing happen for sure, and that was that birds did evolve. The birds origin remains strong, because scientists look to Germany at the Archaeopteryx find or the oldest fossil in 1860's. From that find they believe that dinosaurs sired or gave birth to birds.

There are many answers as to why birds matter, and their reasons differ one from another. There are no real conclusion as to why birds matter. People have different why birds were created; see below their reasoning's.

See; http://www.audubon.org/magazine/march-april-2013/why-do-birds-matter

Read more: http://www.mythencyclopedia.com/Be-Ca/Birds-in-Mythology.html#ixzz3YXUpvYX6

"Birds assume a variety of roles in mythology and religion. They play a central part in some creation myths and frequently appear as messengers of the deities. They are often associated with the journey of the human soul after death. Birds also appear as tricksters and oracles. Ravens and other species that feed on carrion, the flesh of the dead, may be symbols of war, death, and misfortune, as well as mediators between humans and the supernatural world. Other birds represent strength, love, and wisdom."

There are many bird species; http://www.birds.com/species/classifications/wild/

"Birds of Prey - Birds of prey, or raptors, are birds which hunt other animals for food and are specially adapted to do so. Birds of prey include eagles, condors, kites, falcons, hawks, osprey, owls, vultures, buzzards and secretary birds.

Birds of the World - Around the world, birds are amongst the most loved creatures due to their variety, beauty and amazing vocal abilities. They are also popular due to their accessibility, that is, even if you live in a built up city you will still be able to see wild birds.

Garden Birds - Garden birds come in large varieties and knowing a bit more about them will make watching them that much more interesting. To identify garden birds in your area use a region specific garden bird guide. For example if you are living in Britain, use a British bird field guide.

The most common garden birds you will find are of the passerine group. Passerines are perching birds and song birds which have three toes pointing forward and one pointing back. Passerines that are commonly seen in gardens include sparrows, thrushes, mynahs, crows, wagtails, chaffinches, goldfinches, magpies, starlings, bulbuls, weavers.

Pet Birds - Owning a pet bird can be a lot of fun, but are also a big responsibility as they are totally dependent on their human owners. There are many species of pet birds and choosing the one best suited to you and your circumstances is very important. Parrots are often the first birds that spring to mind when you think of pet birds. The types of bird that are included under the group name of parrots are: parrots, cockatoos, amazons, macaws, conures, lovebirds, parakeets, cockatiels and budgerigars.

Wild Birds - Wild birds are found throughout the world. They vary in shapes and sizes from tiny finches to the majestic condors of America. Each species of wild bird is adapted to thrive in its own environment. For example, hummingbirds are adapted to feed on nectar from tubular flowers, while eagles are adapted to prey on animals using their strong talons. Ducks are adapted to swimming and vultures are adapted for flight by using thermals."

Bird Hierarchy:

When I was growing up in the late sixties to early seventies my brothers and I used to raise pigeons, in our backyard. We had about 50 roller pigeons, these type of pigeons would roll a day long in the air. But when they were in the bird cage, there is a hierarchy amongst birds, as there are in other animals. I was at a bus depot about 3 weeks ago, I noticed how the bigger Seagull's would scare off the smaller pigeons for food. Also watching pigeons I notices as well how pigeons would fight for the mating rights, with female pigeons. So as in many things here on earth, a hierarchy reigns almost in everything we see and do.

Birds Fighting:

Even in the bird world, birds fight and kill each other, just like any other species on the face of this earth. Just because you thought, being a bird you still cannot avoid mayhem of bully birds.

Free As A Bird:

The term "Free As A Bird", means just that. You have no condition you have to meet, you are free to come and go as you please, with no restrictions.

Birds Foods:

Birds eat almost anything that they see in bird feeders that people hang. Birds eat a variety of foods on an in the ground. Birds also eat food that are in the water, depending on what type of bird they are. Predator birds kill and eat other birds or animals.

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