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How to become a fireman that is the question, let's see if we can come up with some answer, as to how to become a Fireman in that noble profession. Fireman is regarded as a first responder in emergency situations, when they are called in times of urgent need. A first responder is someone who responds to situations of peril, also putting yourself in great danger, trying to save other people lives, depending on the emergency. First responders are A type personality people, they are ambitious, take risks, and or goal oriented. These A type personality individuals do not like the mundane everyday tasks, they are great at multitasking. If you are like anything I have described, then you would probably be great as a Fireman. So what does it entail to become a Fireman. What type of education do you need? What type of training is required? Where do you get the training that is need to become a fireman?

A Fireman is someone or person who fights or put out fires in residential or business districts or rural areas. Also as a Fireman you are in the rescue business, where you rescue people and or animals for hazard conditions.

As far as education is concern, how to become a fireman you will at least need a high school diploma or General Education certificate. There are some two year and four year colleges, universities that are offering degrees in subjects of fire science. Because of what happen at 9/11 there has been some who are trying to recommend that candidates have expanded college training in fire science, because of the increase terrorists threats to our country.

Also there are others in the firefighting industry, that think making higher education a condition or requirement is not a good idea. They believe if you make higher education a requirement you will lose good quality candidates from applying for the positions. Because of the magnitude and the complexities of injuries sustained in incidents, more Fireman personnel are getting advanced medical and terrorism training.

To become a Fireman your requirements are as follows;

Age: 18 years of age
Citizen: United States of America citizen or have green card, work visa
Education: High School Diploma, or G.E.D.
Valid ID: Driver License
Valid CPAT: which stands for Candidate Physical Ability Test - would like for you to have this certificate while they are completing the background investigation.
Cost of the testing: $150.00
CPAT Test consist of the following below:
Stair climbs
Hose Drag
Equipment Carry
Ladder Raise
Forcible Entry -
Search - search for a dummy or some other item
Rescue Drag - Dummy
Ceiling Breach & Pull

There are a couple of agencies that administer the test which are as follows;
Oxnard College Regional Fire Academy 101 Durley Ave., Camarillo, CA 93010 (805)384-8109 www.oxnardcollege.edu/departments/academic/fire_technology/cpat.shtml

California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee CPAT Testing Center 626 N. Eckhoff Street, Orange, CA 92868 (877)648-2728 www.cpatonline.org

You also need to attain your EMT(Emergency Medical Technician) card is needed prior to being hire as a Fireman. You need your EMT card before all the exams or tests are completed as well.

Vision: 20/20 or 20/40 or 20/100 - requirements vary.

Smoking: NO Smoking at all while you are employed (LA Fire Department city) - other fire departments this could vary - smoking on the job - check in your state or cities in which you live

Background check - 6 months to 1 year.
Polygraph - Checking your honesty - check to see if you can be consistency - in testimony for courts - testifying in cases.
Drug Test - Not using illegal drugs
Employment Personnel Check - check your job status - as to why you left or if you were fired from
Decision Making and Judgment - making sure you can decipher situations and make good decision - example: getting your face tattooed - is this good judgment
Maturity and Discipline - acting in a professional manner - can you maintain composure when things get tuff or extreme
Honesty, Integrity and Personal Ethics - honesty - honesty - honesty - cannot say more be honest
Records Checks - verifying all of your records to make sure you are who you say you are - honesty in filling out your application - making sure you are consist

Becoming a Fireman is a noble profession, that you will get satisfaction and a feeling of giving back to your community. Good luck in your career and as always with first responder's stay safe.

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