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Why is there so much bullying happening with our youths today. Is there some underlining sociological issue that causes these people to grow up and become bullies. Or is it our society that praises violence, because the majority of our television shows portrait some type of violence every single day. We allow the television to raise our children, because our lives are too busy with work and other obligations to give your child the attention that they need as kids. Children are only going to mimic what they see you do as an adult. So if you are a parent or adult raising a child and you are behaving badly that child is going to think and believe that this acceptable behavior and do what they see other people do.

I think and believe that everyone understands that children are not born bullies, so it has to be some type of learned behavior that is causing our children to become bullies. Unless that child is born with some type of mental condition that could possibly be a cause for concern, that might be a reason for them to act badly, most children are not born bullies. Parents or adults need to be aware of what their children are doing. Do not let your child tell you that they need their privacy and you do not know what they are doing, because this sometimes leads to mischief.

With advent of social media and information is getting around so fast that the pressures from peers have increase triple fold from decades ago when there was no internet or social media helping to shape children perception of what life is suppose to be. When there was no internet children and parents had more time to interact with one another so parents had an opportunity to know what their children were doing.

The internet, social media and television has change the dynamics as to how parents should have interactions with their children, so parents need to be more alert as to what their children are doing so that they can see if there is a change in behavior and intervene early before their behavior becomes a problem. Teen peer pressure is a major driving force when you are a teenager. Children are experimenting with everything and trying to find their way in life. When they are with their friends they are trying to fit in the group to see where they stand in the pecking order of that group that they socialize with.

As I stated early children are not born bullies, I believe that it is a learned behavior that is mimic from behavior of the adults, television and social media where they can actual see on television, You-tube violence, bad behavior and people getting bullied. As parents and adults we need to advise and teach our children that this is not acceptable behavior and show our children how to respect other people beliefs and cultural.

Being involved in our children lives on a daily bases we can teach our children early about respecting other people beliefs and cultural, then we can have an educated society about respecting people and maybe we can stop some of this bullying that is going on with our children and have a better society.

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