Getting a man or woman is not difficult if you know the top secrets on getting a man or woman. You have to know the how, when, where, what to say and have just a little bit of personality and you will be in the game all the time. No more will you be sitting on the sidelines watching your friends or other people enjoying companionship of the opposite sex while you sit and ponder, why it's not you out there with someone special. Do not be afriad to approach someone and strike up a conversation, don't let fear hold you back, because fear is a major killer of opportunities wasted. This may be your one and only chance to make a connection with someone special. Most people in general are afraid to approach each other and strike up a conversation, and it goes both ways women and men are nervous and afraid of rejection.

Everyone is afraid of rejection and no one wants to hear the word no. When someone tells you no, it strikes at the core of your being and that no can have devastating effects on your confidence, but you have to have a little thicker coat or backside when you are entering into the dating game, because you will hear your share of no's. This is just part of the process of getting the man or woman of your choice and not settling for what is left over. The dating game takes no prisoners, it is a very tough game or process to get involved with.

I know that sometimes when you are out in the neighborhood or at work and see this very handsome man or this gorgeous woman with someone and you say to yourself, how is it that this handsome man or gorgeous woman with that person, they can do better. We all have seen something Like this before right? Then you say to yourself, what is it that they have, and you do not that they are with those people. What they have that you do not, is that they have; confidence in their ability to engage the opposite sex. We all have heard the saying that, try and try and you will soon succeed, confidence in their ability to overcome rejection and the confidence killer word no. The word no and fear of rejection have destroyed many people emotionally, mentally, physically throughout the generations and centuries. Unfortunately there will be many more who will fail and fall to their powers unless you follow these top secrets steps I will lay out below:

Mystery - When you are in the dating environment looking or seeking a relationship you should have a little mystery in your personality. I'm not saying some dark obscure mystery that people want to run and call the police on you, because you are creepy. You want to have some mystery that arouses people curiosity about you that they want to know more about who you are.

Personality - You need this personality, because without it you are dead in the water going nowhere real fast. People want someone who is live, vibrant and bubbly to be around. This live, vibrant and bubbly person brings joy and fun to the atmosphere this is what people like to be around. Nobody wants to hang around a person who is stoic and takes away from the mood, because of the way you act with your facial or body language, having no emotions.

Joking Around - There is a time a place for everything joking and being playful has their time a place, so be careful as to when, where and how when joking. Everyone loves a good joke some of the time.

Not Too Serious - Also being too serious has its time and place as well. When you are trying to build or development a relationship, being too serious will destroy any chance of that happening. No one wants be in a situation as if their parents are overseeing and making decision for them. So beware if you are a serious personality person, just remember that time and place does matters.

Quiet - Being quiet can mean different things, to different people. Being quiet can mean that you are just shy and reserve. On the other side of that coin, being quiet can mean that you can keep conversations private and you will not spill the beans of private conversation. Also people tend to believe that they can trust you. This is very good trait to have when you are developing relationships.

Too Aggressive - Being too aggressive is a turn off and everyone agrees that this is not a good behavior trait. Please by all means do not demonstrate this type of behavior. You cannot win here.

Some Aggressiveness - Some aggression is ok, because no one wants a timid person who is afraid to take chances in a relationship. Some aggression lets the other person know you have a interest in maybe pursuing the relationship further.

Listening - This is one big issue in any and all relationships, let alone trying to build one with someone you are first meeting. Listen, listen, and listen some more. Listen to and hear what the other person is trying to convey. Do not assume or give input while the other person is trying to speak, because this can be annoying and turn people off. Sometimes it is ok to act like you do not know the answer to many subjects. Let the other person seem smarter than you are is okay it's not going to kill you. Do not try and correct people all the time.

Quick Witted - While you are listening and hearing what the other person is saying, you can be quick witted and this breaks up the monotony. No one wants to be around someone who is dull and listless.

Confidant - While you are trying to build this relationship, you are examining if this person can be a confidant, because many private issues may be brought up or talked about during your dating. If you are too talkative, people believe that you cannot keep anything confidential. In building relationships trust is another major issue, that will either make or break relationships.

Appearance - Your appearance should always be neat and clean. Grooming yourself physically and your clothing should be neat and clean as well. I know some of you are saying, why are you mentioning appearance and hygiene, because everyone know you should be neat and clean. The reason that I am mentioning appearance and hygiene is because some people do not care how they look as far as outward appearance is concern. They say, you should take me as I am, because this is who they are. Some people do not want to take you as you are, because there are people who equate your outward appearance to how your home or apartment may be as well. Others may go as far and think that this is how your attitude is also, and they will just stay far away from you as possible. Your outward appearance is just another area where people may judge you, so be aware of your appearance outwardly and inwardly. So keep it neat and clean.

Employment - Well let's just say that if you have employment it is a major plus, when you are trying to build a relationship. Not all relationship are stated with both parties being employed, but at some point if the relationship is to continue employment is a great help. If you want to take someone out on dates or outings you are going to have to have money to get involved with those activities without any money. There are some places that require little to no money at all, but at some point, in building the relationship you will have to spend some money and the best place to earn money is if you are employed. You cannot rob banks every day, just a little humor.

Speak Your Mind - Do not be ashamed or bashful when speaking with the opposite sex. If you see someone and they are pleasing to the eyes,let them know that they are good looking, without being overly outrageous with your comments. Everyone likes a compliment sometimes during their lives here on earth. I have a friend and this person would just say whatever comes to mind, regardless if it was sexual or not, you would think that what they are saying was not appropriate,, but it seems that the opposite sex just melts in their hands. This person would get thelephone numbers handed to them almost daily. What I'm saying is do not be bashful, speak what's on your mind.


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