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When one is born into this world you are born with a name given to you from your parents'. You were given a first, sometimes a middle and last name. This name defined who you were, because there was no other information about who you are or who you would become. Everyone started the day they were born with a clean slate, clean as a blank sheet of paper. There was no information on our blank sheet of paper, just a name, nothing good or bad defining who we were or who we may well become.

Our parents' started the process of instilling and teaching us information about life, and what is good and what is evil. When you committed a violation or infraction of the rules your parents' made, your parents' punished you accordingly and your parents' forgave your trespasses. Your violation or infraction of the rules were forgotten and you moved forward, learning and writing on your clean blank sheet of paper everyday.

Throughout our lives and the longer you live in this world making decisions, whether those decisions going forward are good or bad decisions, you continue to write on that blank sheet of paper, and that blank sheet of paper is your character. The character that you formed, was created by your decisions making processes, some in the past and those decisions you make today, will define you and make you who you are today.

Character is the way you behave or your personality, and the totality of all your qualities, traits that you exhibit. These behavior patterns, traits and qualities all combine defines you as the person you are today.

You build on your character everyday 365 days a year, there are no off days people are watching you. When you least suspect someone is always watching your actions to see what kinds of decisions you will make.

There is a saying that talks about having a good name or good character, these things people will remember and talk about when you are not around. These people will make mention amongst their friends and their selves as to what kind of person you are.

In the bible proverbs 22:1 "a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold."

When you have bad character all the money in the world would not help you change that perception among people. Character is something built upon throughout your life. Constantly committing violations or infractions or breaking rules or the law, will destroy all of your good will for a life time. Once you have character flaws, you will lose all trust from family, friends and people will run from you, and no one will touch you again with a ten foot pole between you and them.

If anything you can do, build character, character and then some more character.

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