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Are We Crazy or is the President Just Plain Stupid?

Are We Crazy or is the President Just Plain Stupid


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Are we crazy or is the President just plain and simple stupid? I'm trying my best to get a handle on all of this foolish S-H- -T going on in our country. All of us sit around and listen and read all of this foolish stuff talk and tweeting from this president and either we try and ignore or tune out this crazy recthoric he keeps blurting out of his mouth. Is it that no one cares or is it just we are as a nation just this plain and simple stupid?

Maybe the President is correct as he has stated before, that he can shoot and kill someone in broad day light and get away with murder, because the people will go along with this crazy behavior believing that it is ok to kill someone. I do not care if your are democrat or republican you have got to have common sense and think that some of this stuff that this president is stating is just down out right crazy, and foolish.

Where has our common decency gone? We may have not liked everyone you have meet, but at least you had respect for them as a human being. You may have argued with someone, but you at least respected their decision or their beliefs that they hold.

Now that this president has taking office and everything that he has made an issue, some people in the general population seem to think that what he says is the word of truth. Remember not too long ago that this president was a common citizen, spotting off crazy ideas and talking points and no one ever thought he had any common sense.

So what has changed, because he is the President of our country that we should now believe that he has changed for the better? Has the president's common sense gotten any better from what it was in the past? Look after a year in office this President has not changed his behavior for the better it seems to have gotten worse over time.

He has some crazy ideas about life and now his ideas are affecting all of America and not just a few people who were and or are entitled to his antics. Now the whole world has gotten a chance to witness this train wreck in motion.

When will this President finally get his mind right? There is a saying which talks about being or acting foolish and then you open your mouth and remove all doubt. Some republicans in the President's own political party think that he as some screws loose in that head of his. I think the President thinks that all of America or maybe I should say thirty-three percent of America which are his political base is in the same bubble he lives in.

This county is not the republican or democratic party. This country is the party of the American people and we need to stand up and speak up as to what is right and correct. Not let one person control our destiny as a people. We the people are much better than what we are getting from our President and our congressional leadership. We have to hold these people in office that we voted in office accountable for their bad and nasty deeds.

We need to hold the President, Congress and House of Representatives accountable for steering us in the wrong directions. Hold them accountable for inciting us to fight amongst ourselves. Hold the President, Congress and House of Representatives for inciting bad relationship amongst our races.

America should stop being acceptors of bad ideas and tell congress and the House of Representatives that we want what is good for us the people the many and not what the few in office think that we deserve. This is America we stand up and fight for the right and good of all people and not just the few.

America we need to stand up and be counted as a people. Stop being afraid of the backlash, because if all of us join in together as one people, one voice, we can do great things now and in the future. Then America will be great again if we stop fighting amongst ourselves, because all of us are Americans.

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