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Ethics Trust Honesty


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Ethics trust honesty, ethics trust honesty is there anything else should we comment about except ethics trust and honesty? Whatever happen to ethics trust and honesty? I believe the majority of people were taught ethics trust and honesty growing up right? Right now why is there so much lack of ethics trust and honesty in this world as this particular time in our history?

There was there a time in the not so distant future that we believe in the words ethics trust and honesty. What has happen to our belief in one another to do the right thing? At one point in our countries past we as a people were at least trying to do the best for each other. We were looking out for one another, making sure your neighbor or your neighbors' kids did the right thing when they were out in the community.

Things started to change when President Bill Clinton took office, you could see the beginnings of lack of ethics trust and honesty. Then when President George W. Bush was in office our country began to lose more faith in our fellow Americans.

Then when President Bush was out of office and President Obama came into power, we started to lose even more of our courteous nature for one another and our ethics trust and honesty was already fading fast for one another.

Now with President Trump in office ethics trust and honesty have been thrown out the window altogether. It's just lies, lies, and lies and lies some more. In his tenure there are no ethics trust and honesty whatsoever. Why is it that way that ethics trust and honesty is nowhere in his tenure this early on as president?

What has happen to the checks and balances on ethics trust and honesty with our people who are in the Senate? The senate is supposed to be the police power and also to check and balance bad behavior in the executive branch where the President sits today? These are the elected people who were most likely to hold the President to ethics trust and honesty. Not anymore it seems as though the Senate and House of Representatives these elected officials only care about themselves and the agenda of getting something done for a President who so far lacks ethics trust and honesty.

The Senate and the House of Representatives are not looking out for the America people interest at all. Partly affiliation is there main purpose and self preservation to stay in office and collect $160,000 plus in salary. Whatever happen to do unto others as you would like done unto you? Whatever happen to I'm my brothers' keeper? We say we believe in the rule of law, but only when it condemns others and not when it points the finger back at ourselves.

When the rule of law points the finger back at ourselves we want to make excuses as to why we should not be judge by that same rule of law. Our country is in termole and getting worse before things get any better. We are fighting amongst ourselves at a staggering rate. Always looking for confrontation and arguing with one another daily. Quick to pick up a gun and start shooting before asking questions like never before. What is wrong with us as a people?

Our country is crying out for help, with all of these protests, shootings and killing masses of people at one time. Where are our super heroes? When will they come riding in on a white horse and Stetson white hat coming to the rescue, save and deliver us from this bondage to free us from this nightmare?

Our super heroes, they will bring back ethics trust and honesty. These super heroes will restore our faith in ethics trust and honesty once again. They will restore our trust in one another again. They will restore our belief that we are our brothers' keeper again. Where are our super heroes?

Maybe we should shine a bright in the sky and wait to hear from our great super heroes such as Batman, or Superman, or Spiderman who always has his spidey senses tingling ready to fight and save the day.

Right now our country really and truly needs one of these super heroes to come and restore faith in our fellow humans, because if they do not come and come real fast there may be a disaster of epic proportion coming our way to destroy the human race.

So super heroes if you are listening please hear our cry for help from destroying ourselves. We will shine our light high in the sky and wait for a response from anyone of you, Batman, Superman, or Spiderman. More than anything what we need is help in restoring our faith in ethics trust and honesty. Then and only then can we have belief in ourselves and then we can truly believe in ethics trust and honesty once again.

The end.

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